Increase your capital with MacrosMatic Smart Platform


Increase your capital with MacrosMatic Smart Platform

Using neural network based copytrading tools

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MacrosMatic — is a slang word which comes from a medical term meaning sharper sense of smell. In narrow financial groups a macrosmatic stands for a specialist who has a keen sense of smell for profitable deals.
Matic — Matic is the second part of the word automatic which fully reflects the fact that the MacrosMatic platform brand name is connected with AI-algorithm of copy trading based on artificial intelligence.
Macros — originates from a Greek word meaning something big, long and large-scale. Macros means capital-increasing within the name of private investment platform brands. Also there is one more meaning of Macros — which is a program algorithm performing routine actions.

Our team

We are a team of professionals involved in building and developing of investment projects for more than 15 years. Within that time we have succeeded in growing of 4 investment management companies with total capitalization of over 4 bIllion dollars.

“I know what I should do and with whom I should do it. I have a confirmed expertise and an extensive experience in this business.
The start of the company will be awesome, as we have all the competencies for that.”

Maxim Fedotov

Macrosmatic LLC founder and CEO